Anora plans to develop its operating model to better meet its strategic goals and improve profitability

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As part of Anora’s strategy implementation and to improve profitability, Anora plans to develop its operational model and structure. Anora will be launching change negotiations in all of its business segments, Wine, Spirits and Industrial. Altogether, approximately 650 employees are within the scope of the negotiations. Through efficiencies and an increased focus on strategy, Anora estimates that the planned changes would generate approximately EUR 3–4 million in savings and result in redundancies of approximately 40 employees. 

The goal of the planned changes is to strengthen the commercial focus on growth categories, reduce complexity, and find further synergies in line with Anora’s 2030 strategy. The plans would include the commercial operations in Anora’s Wine and Spirits segments in the Nordic countries and Anora Industrial’s operations in Finland. The changes are additional to the previously announced profitability improvement plans currently underway in the Centre of Excellence strategy.

The change negotiations will begin in November and are estimated to be concluded by the end of the year. The goal would be to have the new organisations in place during January 2024.